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  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Bullying
  • Aggression
  • Social isolation and exclusion
  • Problems at school (i.e. poor grades, skipping, suspensions, dropping out)


  • Positive, long-term friendships
  • Healthy relationships with family
  • Strong connections in the community
  • Healthy ways of coping with stress
  • Success at school (i.e. good grades, attendance)
  • Volunteering experience


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Dr. Wayne Hammond PhD

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Resilient kids are more likely to have:

Resilient kids are less likely to experience:



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“Finally, a way to know what’s right with my kids, areas to build up and practical ways to do it.”

John Z.


“It’s rare that we all have the opportunity to truly learn more about one another and make our family, as a unit, a priority.”

Alison M.



“As a busy parent I get to connect with my kids.”

Dawn R.



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